My hobbies
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My hobbies

I first discovered the art of Aikido in 1993 whilst at Swansea University.  Having endured a 10 year absence due to no local clubs offering the official 'traditional' style I discovered a club at the village hall in Tanworth-in-Arden (uk) in Feb 2003. On discovering this club i have been a member of it since and have taken three gradings to Jan 2004. My current focus has moved from trying to attain grades as I am currently travelling the world.
I have had the pleasure of training in South Africa (Cape Town), Tokyo (Hombu dojo), and Australia (Niagra Park NSW).  This traveling has opened my eyes to the 'family' spirit given to all who practice the art of Aikido.
Links to some of these clubs can be found in the links page.

One of the best activities to do whilst travelling, or in fact for any reason, is scuba and free diving.  Having obtained my Padi open water course in South Africa, I discovered that diving has a similar 'family' attitude to Aikido as it was a Padi diving shop in Tokyo that initially saved my sanity in Japan. 
Australia has now added to this sport with the help of an aussie Rob Cornelius. Rob occationally took people from the hostel I was staying at to 'feed some fish'. This involved driving to a place called Clovelly on coast just south of Sydney.  There a short snorkel swim to some underwater ledges revealed upto 60 different fish including 3-4ft blue grouper, sea bream and toad fish.  I have since been spear fishing and seen Rob spear a 56cm giant boarfish which we had for tea and seen a sandy flathead escape after being speared.
Next stop Great Barrier Reef

 Table Bay Diving

Hidden Diving

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